8 Disturbing Images That Prove Nature Is Crying For Help

An art installation depicting a dead whale choked by plastics was unveiled on the beach of Naic, Cavite, South of Manila, in 2017. Greenpeace Philippines seeks to underscore the massive problem of plastics pollution in the ocean.

2017 turned out to be the hottest year since 1880, when meteorological measurements became possible. Additionally, some scientists believe that Europe and the USA will soon be covered with eternal cold. We don’t know how precise the predictions of scientists are, but we know for sure that we haven’t brought much good to our planet so far.

Scientists define such atypical behavior is overheating of Arctica, causing Greenland’s ice sheets to disappear rapidly. It is happening 2 times faster now than it was 10 years ago.

The ambient temperature in Arizona has reached 120°F and 130°F in Kuwait.

Credit: GuacamoleFanatic/pixelatedbread

Temperatures approached 120°F in Southwest parts of the U.S. Some flights were delayed due to extreme heat. It's because airlines have maximum operating temperature of 118 degrees while bigger planes can handle 126 degrees or so. The highest temperature 54°C, was recorded in Mitrabah in July 2016.

In January 2018, due to unusual cold, Iguanas fell from trees.

Image: MiamiGator

A bright billboard drowning in a thick smog in China

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An overcrowded beach in Rio De Jenario

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A polar bear dying of hunger on the Arctic Ocean shore

Credit: Kerstin Langenberger Photography

It has snowed for 3 years in a row in Sahara Desert

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Felling of tropical forests in Brazil

Credit: reuters

A Siberian tiger came out of a forest to find food.

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